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Himalayan Institute for Rural Awakening (HIRA) is a grassroots voluntary organization which has been continuously striving for the economic, social and intellectual development of its work area for the last 23 years.

All our programs aim to reach out to the last man of the society and make them our partners in the process. The reason for the success and acceptance of our programs among the people is the participation of common people (Dalits, minorities, women, poor). Even today the deprived section of the society is unable to participate in social development due to ignorance and lack of awareness. Our effort is to make those people aware and motivated. For this purpose, we organize various demonstrations, trainings, workshops, educational tours etc. We take active participation of educationists, government officials, technical people and other community based organizations in our programmes.

Livelihood earning, local self-governance, education, child support, health, environment and watershed development are our main subjects, in which we are working. In all the above programs Dalits, minorities, poor and women are specially targeted. With public cooperation, this effort of HIRA is continuing.


. To educate, aware and provide better education and health opportunity to public of service area.
. To empower the panchayats and local bodies for better functioning and good governance and to work in democratic manner where women and SC ST people should get proper participation in decision making.
. To aware and empower the farmers, poor unemployed youths, women for better livelihood opportunities.
. To empower minority youth and women for main streaming in the society and improve their income & living conditions.
. To empower the general people on environment, health & hygiene, soil and water conservation and natural resource management.

Our Mission / Aim / Vision

VISION : Establishment of an egalitarian society based on social, economic and gender equality, in which there is democracy, participation, accountability, right to information and freedom of expression to women, Dalits, minorities, where there is a balance between human need, social diversity and environment.

MISSION : Working among poor children, women, minorities, dalits, farmers and neglected sections of the society, to strengthen their education, health, economic and constitutional status and bring them to a decisive position in the mainstream of social development.


1. Uttarakhand
2. Uttar Pradesh
3. Bihar
4. Jharkhand