Completed Projects

Since the beginning of the Corona epidemic, our organization has been associated with its prevention and public awareness campaign. We have been working on this continuously since last years. Taking this chain forward, we along with Azim Prem Ji Foundation launched a Covid vaccination campaign in Yamkeshwar block of Pauri district.

The objective of this campaign was to bring 95% to 100% eligible persons of Yamkeshwar block to the vaccination centers by making them aware and vaccinated. The target was to reach the villages/households of those who could not reach the vaccination centers.

water-project water-project

With the guidance of Azim Prem Ji Foundation and with the support of the Health Department, the people of our organization went door to door and surveyed who has been vaccinated and who is yet to be vaccinated. By contacting such people and making them aware, they were vaccinated. There was a problem in convincing many people but somehow they were also vaccinated.

In this 2½ months program, we kept on creating awareness, meeting and contacting Panchayat representatives. In this work, besides the employees of the Health Department, ASHA, Anganwadi workers also helped us a lot.

With everyone's cooperation, we were able to vaccinate 95% of the eligible people of Yamkeshwar block. This campaign brought a lot of awareness among the people and helped in preventing Covid-19.


As we have worked intensively with farmers for their upliftment and technical empowerment. We are working with 24 kisan clubs in Yamkeshwar and Dugadda block s of distt. Pauri Garhwal. Technical interventions and meetings with line departments are the regular activities. We have also organized exposure visits for them. This programme is being supported by NABARD. At present we are going to form producer organization with support of these farmers clubs. This producer organization will work on different activities and for betterment of farmers.


Apart from above we organize Environment Awareness camps, financial literacy workshops, leadership development programme for minority women, trainings for panchayat representatives on regular basis.


We had started capacity building phase of Henwal Watershed Development Project in two villages (2011-12) in district Pauri. All the proposed activities under the project as loose boulder checkdams, Gabians Spurs, contour trenches, field levelling/bunding plantation, brushwood checkdams had completed successfully. Two water tanks of 5000 ltr. capacity had been also constructed, which are used for drinking and irrigation purpose.

This programme was running very successfully with support of people. Villagers were getting benefits of structures constructed under this programme. Discharge of water from water sources have increased. Stitching and embroidery training was organised in the village for 04 months and 30 ladies have participated in it.


We organised workshops on leadership Development from 2012-13 to 2014-15 for 1425 Minority women of Distt. Haridwar with support of Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India, New Delhi. Subjects covered under these 06 days workshops were Women Rights, Importance of Education in our life, Skills for Leadership Development, Health & Hygiene etc. Methodology and resource materials were used as provided by the Ministry.

These trainings were organised in the villages & slum areas of Haridwar district. Stipend was given to each and every trainee after completing the 06 days training.

These trainings were very beneficial for minority women. Gram Pradhan and ward members appreciated a lot this programme. Minority women are being aware about their rights and their conditions are also being better.

This proramme was supported by NABARD. Under this programme about 120 farmers from 12 villages are engaged in herbal production. They were working mainly on Aloevera, lemon grass and tulsi. We had provided a small distillation unit from which they are extracting oil of tulsi and lemon grass and selling it in the market. Aloevera leaves are being sold directly in the market.

This programme has provided an alternate source of income to farmers along with traditional farming.

This programme was started in 2010-11 and completed very successfully. Farmers had motivated for spice production through different types of trainings. A farmers federation has been formed of about 200 farmers which is working continuously for the benefit of farmers.

Under this progrmame a processing unit has been established in village Jogyana (Mahadevsain). For making 'Saunth' from ginger we had provided 10 rolling machines in the project area villages which is very beneficial for them. Several exposure visits were organised for federation members and other farmers to understand the working of other federation of same nature. Under this programme we had organised 03 farmers mela in project area. In mela many experts of different departments like agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry and farmers participated. A good interaction of farmers and experts was organised.

We had completed a Research Project on employable skills for dropout/less educated women leaving in surrounding area of Industrial Area Haridwar. This programme was conducted from Feb. 2012 to May 2013 with support of FVTRS Bangalore. After completion of the project we had submitted the reports to FVTRS.